Logstash http filter plugin


we're using http in filter to make a REST API call. Body of the call accepts a parameter which should be an array like [1111,11] but while passing this parameter, logstash is converting array to string which is "[1111,11]" and call is not working. Please suggest a way to neglect double quotes and send it as array only.


What is the configuration of the http filter, and exactly what text do you want to send to the API call?

I want to send body like below:

body => {

                                                        "feature_name" => "Protection"

                                                        "product" => "SA"

                                                        "limit" => 1000

                                                        "next" => "%{[data][next]}"


next parameter is calling an array.

"next": [10101222,2]

But on passing this value, Logstash is adding double quotes on array like "[10101222,2]" which API doesn't accept.

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