Logstash http input plugin acknowledge, when message is persisted


Is it correct understood, to make logstash return 200 after message is persisted, a persistent queue is needed. The input plugin will return it's status code, before the output pipeline is done.

Br Casper

No, the http plugin response is not affected by anything that happens to the event in the pipeline or outputs.

But if persistent queue is used, would logstash then secure the data in the persistent queue, before acknowledge the http request?

If I'm not wrong Logstash will answer a 200 to the source when it receives the event and puts it on the queue, be it a memory queue or a persistent.

Basically you have this

Source - > HTTP Input -> Queue (memory or persistent) -> filters -> output.

When the event enters the queue, then logstash will have acknowledge the message, what happens after that does not affect the input.

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