Logstash http output plugin with msgpack


We have been working with "json_batch" feature that was enabled recently in logstash-output-http plugin.

We are also exploring the usage of "msgpack" codec along with this plugin. I couldn't find any documentation on this usage. Can you please confirm if it is possible to send a msgpack data or an array of msgpack data using logstash-output-http plugin?

logstash-output-http plugin version: v5.2.0


The msgpack codec should work with any input or output that supports codecs, including the HTTP Output Plugin.

Hi Biesemeyer, We want to know if the msgpack codec will work along with json_batch feature together. As of now, we are using the output config as follows and this works as expected.
output {
http {
url => "http://xxxx:8080"
http_method => "post"
http_compression => "false"
format => "json_batch"
codec => "json"
However, what we want is to change the codec to "msgpack" instead of json and expect json_batch feature to also be supported at the same time. Will this work?

Looking at the code, it appears that specifying format => json_batch supercedes the codec, so the two are not compatible with each other.

Thanks. Will this feature be considered in logstash? msgpack_batch + msgpack codec? I think Fluentd supports it.

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