Logstash http output plugin with msgpack

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We have been working with "json_batch" feature that was enabled recently in logstash-output-http plugin.

We are also exploring the usage of "msgpack" codec along with this plugin. I couldn't find any documentation on this usage. Can you please confirm if it is possible to send a msgpack data or an array of msgpack data using logstash-output-http plugin?

logstash-output-http plugin version: v5.2.0


(Ry Biesemeyer) #2

The msgpack codec should work with any input or output that supports codecs, including the HTTP Output Plugin.

(Bharath Madhavan) #3

Hi Biesemeyer, We want to know if the msgpack codec will work along with json_batch feature together. As of now, we are using the output config as follows and this works as expected.
output {
http {
url => "http://xxxx:8080"
http_method => "post"
http_compression => "false"
format => "json_batch"
codec => "json"
However, what we want is to change the codec to "msgpack" instead of json and expect json_batch feature to also be supported at the same time. Will this work?

(Ry Biesemeyer) #4

Looking at the code, it appears that specifying format => json_batch supercedes the codec, so the two are not compatible with each other.

(Bharath Madhavan) #5

Thanks. Will this feature be considered in logstash? msgpack_batch + msgpack codec? I think Fluentd supports it.

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