Logstash: http_poller: first URL request's response should be input to second URL's request param

I have two URLs (due to security concern i will explain by using dummy)

a> https://xyz.company.com/ui/api/token
b> https://xyz.company.com/request/transaction?date=2016-01-21&token=

When you hit url mentioned in point 'a' it will generate a token let it be a string of 16 characters

Then that token should be used in making second request of point 'b' in token param

The second url response is important to me i.e is a JSON response, I need
to filter the json data and extract required data and output it to standard
output and elastic search.

is there any way of doing so in logstash using plugin "http_poller" or any other plugins.

Note : these request urls should be executed one after another, i.e point 'a' url should be executed first and point 'b' url should be executed next after receiving new token.

Please suggest.

There isn't unfortunately.