Logstash if >= causes logstash to crash


I am on ES 7.9.2, i am writing a logstash parser to add a severity based on the risk level.
The risk_score is between 0-10 and can be to 1 decimal place

mutate {
convert => { "risk_score" => "float" }
if [risk_score] == 0 {
          mutate {
            add_field => { "[vulnerability][severity]" => "info" }

With == 0 and a risk_score of 9.3 logstash is ok. If i use >= then logstash will stop processing events.

if [risk_score] >= 6 and [risk_score] < 7
          mutate {
            add_field => { "risk_level" => "critical" }

I cannot see what i am doing wrong with this or why it is failing. Any ideas?

I tried converting to integer but it still failed, once i removed the if code and restarted logstash the events came through but risk_score was still a decimal.

You know you are missing a { on the if line, right?


sorry thats my poor copy/paste. Logstash is refreshing with success, its only when an event that hits that part of the pipeline it fails.

Ive found another post that states that mutate runs in a specific order, its possible that the convert happens to early in the mutate. Ive seperated the convert into a seperate mutate and see what happens.

Problem solved, the mutate built in order was the issue, seperate mutate after with the convert and the if statements are working.