Logstash ignores lines of a Logfile when file is moved or copied


Hello there,

i have the following problem with Logstash now.

A internal service copies several logfiles from a source folder to the destination folder where logstash, where logstash listens via the input plugin.

This is the configuration (simple):

input {
file {
type => "type1"
path => ['path/to/file']

When i watch the output of logstash, i can see, that there are a lot of lines missing. This behaviour is very strange.

I tried to simulate this behaviour manually:

  • I wrote a simple logfile with 6 lines of logs.
  • Then I copied it into the listening directory (where the input plugin listens)
  • The output of Logstash was only an empty JSON-Object and a JSON-Object with the last line of the logfile.

Does anyone know where this behaviour comes from and how i can solve the problem?

Thanks :wink:

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