Logstash input codec charset not working



I send a message to Logstash (6.1.1) in json format and in ISO-8859-1 encoding (unfortunatly I can't change the encoding).
Logstash is configured with an http input with a codec option like that :

input {
    http {
        codec => plain {
          charset => "ISO-8859-1"
        port => 5002
        ssl => false

But it seems that Logstash always considers that the encoding is UTF-8 as the logs errors suggest :

[2018-12-04T14:41:36,464][WARN ][logstash.codecs.json     ] Received an event that has a different character encoding than you configured. {:text=>.... expected_charset=>"UTF-8"}
[2018-12-04T14:41:36,465][ERROR][logstash.codecs.json     ] JSON parse error, original data now in message field {:error=>#<LogStash::Json::ParserError: Unexpected character ('\' (code 92)): was expecting double-quote to start field name
 at [Source: (String)"{\

Can anyone help me solving that ?

Thanks for reading

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