Logstash: input codec: line -- what is the longest length accepted?

We are on logstash 6.2.2 on CentOS 7

We use a custom input spec, type: tcp, codec: line

We are seeing parse errors in the logstash logs.

We wonder: When we send line formatted input, perhaps a super long line is getting truncated/causing a parse error?

What are the limits of the line codec?

I don't think there is one on logstash inputs, well besides the amount of memory you have in the JVM. And anyway your using the line codec so as soon as there is a \n it will create a new event.

Also Logstash inputs do not "Parse" the data so it is probably not a parse error on input.

you will have to provide more information like error message and maybe example data, along with the logstash config.


try adding debugging

--log.level LEVEL

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