Logstash Input Plugins remote code execution code execution concerns

We are currently using Elastic Stack 6.2.4 (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Filebeat). In our setup we have two servers -

  • Server A : This one has our publicly exposed applications for which we need to do log management. Filebeat is installed on this server and the events are forwarded to Server B (where other Elastic components are installed).
  • Server B: Here Logstash and Elasticsearch are installed. Elasticsearch binds to localhost:9200 while Logstash binds to exposed network interface. Logstash has -
    • Beats input plugin
    • Some filters which does necessary logs transformation for our application logs
    • Output plugin pointing to the local Elasticsearch instance

Now my concerns are as follows -

  • How does Logstash, and its plugins like Input Beats Plugin ensure that they are not vulnerable to "Remote Code Execution" if some malicious payload is sent via Filebeat?
  • Is it secure by design?
    • If yes, then how?
    • If no, then what measures does one need to take care?
  • Is there any documentation online in this regard?

Sorry for multiple questions here but these seems quite important to me.

Can someone here help me with my above query?

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