Logstash input query

I have an application that sends events to a url (post), for it to start sending data it requires a password and expects a 'validator' token returned to it from the url's endpoint. how do I handle the validator bit?

application sends a one time HTTP GET; the server must return the organization-specific validator string as a response, which will verify my apps authenticity, receives validator token, does the password validation and immediately starts sending json events. Im using the http input but cant figure out the 'send validation bit.

input {
http {
id => "Applics1"
host => ""
port => 9200
tags => ["MyApplics"]
my_password => "applics123"

output {
stdout {}

Is it your port is opened (9200) ?

Yes ports open...my query is more around whether the http input plugin responds back to the requestor, and if it does can that message be customised?

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