Logstash.inputs.redis - Redis connection problem


I am using redis-server to queue my data which is sent from the logstash shipper. From the redis queue the logstash indexers picks the data.
But for some reason after some time again and again there is a connection refuse error between logstash and redis.

The shipper error log:
07:50:24.781 [[main]>worker2] WARN logstash.outputs.redis - Failed to send event to Redis

The indexer error log:
07:50:51.177 [[main]<redis] WARN logstash.inputs.redis - Redis connection problem {:exception=>#<Redis::CannotConnectError: Error connecting to Redis on host (Errno::ECONNREFUSED)>}

Please let me know what should I do to solve this.


It looks like your Redis is broken.

Is there a maximum limit of redis

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