Logstash install plugin : how to get debug info

I am using the base docker image from Logstash 7.6.0. It is a cenOS image.
I am trying to install a custom java filter plugin.
I used the example "java filter" in the Logstash to build from there.

I built my gem on the same docker image, and Gradle was able to get its dependencies, after I added my company root CA cert the the JVM trustcacert store. So I know, that acces to public websites / repos should work.

When trying to install the "gem" plugin (locally) I get an error, even if I have the " --no-verify" option enabled.

/usr/share/logstash/bin/logstash-plugin install --local --no-verify /opt/my_java_plugin/logstash-filter-java_filter_example-1.0.0.gem

ERROR: Something went wrong when installing /opt/my_java_plugin/logstash-filter-java_filter_example-1.0.0.gem, message: certificate verify failed

Is there any way to get debug info on this "plugin intall" command"?

Probably the same issue as :

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