Logstash installed successfully and also service started but read and write functionality is not working

I am using window 7,
step 1. i have installed elasticsearch-6.2.1 in my system and tested using default port localhost:9200 and it is working perfectly
step 2 . after that i have installed logstash-6.2.1 using nssm and it install sucessfully.

created logstash.conf under /bin folder and setup path under it for read and write file like below:

path => "G:\Rajkumar\ELK\Logstash-input.log"
start_position => "beginning"
path => "G:\Rajkumar\ELK\Logstash-output.log"

but logstash not overwriting Logstash-output.log
so kindly help me if logstash service is started sucessfully then why it's not writing any data into Logstash-output.log from Logstash-input.log

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