Logstash instance shutdown after some time atomatically

I'm running logstash instance using data directory. But after sometime it stops shipping logs though instance keep running . Then after removing the data directory and creating same directory again it start shipping. Please help it is happening. can't delete data directory again and again.

Have you looked in the Logstash log file for clues? What does your Logstash configuration look like?

you mean logstash.yml ??

No, I meant the pipeline configuration files.

For builds log i have this configuration file.

input { beats {
port => "5044"
filter {

grok {

    match => { "message" => "%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp} [%{LOGLEVEL:level}]%{GREEDYDATA:messageText}%{IP:client}" }

date {
match => ["timestamp", "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS", "ISO8601"]
timezone => "UTC"

output {
elasticsearch { hosts => ["localhost:9200"] }

Okay. There's nothing in there that should trigger shutdowns. I'd bet there's something in the logs.

This is what my log files contains

tail -f /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log /var/log/logstash-stderr.log /var/log/logstash-stdout.log
==> /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log <==

==> /var/log/logstash-stderr.log <==

==> /var/log/logstash-stdout.log <==
[2018-06-21T04:31:23,866][INFO ][logstash.inputs.beats ] Beats inputs: Starting input listener {:address=>""}
[2018-06-21T04:31:24,050][INFO ][logstash.inputs.s3 ] Registering s3 input {:bucket=>"fcalb-logs", :region=>"us-east-1"}
[2018-06-21T04:31:27,425][INFO ][logstash.inputs.s3 ] Registering s3 input {:bucket=>"fcalb-logs", :region=>"us-east-1"}
[2018-06-21T04:31:28,212][INFO ][logstash.pipeline ] Pipeline started successfully {:pipeline_id=>"main", :thread=>"#<Thread:0x44c1fa76 sleep>"}
[2018-06-21T04:31:28,282][INFO ][org.logstash.beats.Server] Starting server on port: 5044
[2018-06-21T04:31:28,691][INFO ][logstash.agent ] Pipelines running {:count=>1, :running_pipelines=>[:main], :non_running_pipelines=>[]}
[2018-06-21T04:31:35,183][INFO ][logstash.agent ] Successfully started Logstash API endpoint {:port=>9601}
[2018-06-21T04:31:42,929][INFO ][logstash.inputs.s3 ] Using default generated file for the sincedb {:filename=>"/var/lib/logstash/plugins/inputs/s3/sincedb_efd265798b29788b1b0436aaca127b42"}
[2018-06-21T04:31:42,930][INFO ][logstash.inputs.s3 ] Using default generated file for the sincedb {:filename=>"/var/lib/logstash/plugins/inputs/s3/sincedb_a83a7e844cdbfd1a161da5c150c3b2be"}
[2018-06-21T04:31:52,796][WARN ][logstash.runner ] SIGTERM received. Shutting down

It looks like something from the outside is sending SIGTERM to the Logstash process. I don't think Logstash is a fault here.

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