Logstash is failing with file not found - 'cat JDK_VERSION' when "LS_JAVA_HOME" is set


Logstash RPM used: 8.6.1

We have built a docker image with the logstash rpm and running the container in our kubernetes cluster

We are exporting LS_JAVA_HOME env in the container to the jdk already installed as a part of our java image and we are not using the bundled JDK. As a result the logstash is failing with file not found for 'cat JDK_VERSION'.

Source code for which it is failing:

We found that this JDK_VERSION file is present in /usr/share/logstash but the working directory was still pointing to '/'. Hence we have set the working directory to /usr/share/logstash and also the LOGSTASH_HOME as 'usr/share/logstash'.

Is it advised to do set these values for LOGSTASH_HOME and workingdir ?

Not sure what the advised workaround is, but I note that a PR to fix this was merged last month.

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