Logstash is periodically hanging (unresponsive) and not sending anything to ES. How to recognize and fix?

We are running logstash on Kubernetes. And some logstash Pods stops inserting data into ES for some unknown reason periodically (once in 2-7 days)

And logstash does not indicate there's something wrong with it. I mean the logstash process does not crash.The logs do not show any errors.

The only way I may know that the logstash stopped inserting data into ES is by looking into kibana and see no new data.

And restarting logstash is fixing the issue or after 2-4hrs it starts working normal again.

Has anyone had that kind of issues before? How can I identify whats causing this issue and fix it?

Logstash is receiving data from Filebeat for every 30sec interval. It is receiving data from ~70 filebeat pods and load-balancing enabled on filebeat logstash output section to distribute load across all logstash pods

Logstash version - 7.6.2 pipeline.workers: 12 LS_JAVA_OPTS=" -Xmx4g -Xms4g" Number of logstash pods - 8

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