Logstash issues in connecting to database


I am using logstash-2.1.0 and a novice user of it.
I have multiple config files which also implies multiple sql queries for each to run. The scheduling times are different from one query to another.

Could not find any results for these questions -

  1. Does Logstash use same oracle session for running all the sql queries ? I am asking this because, I am seeing multiple issues in logstash logs like "ORA-01012: not logged on", "ORA-02396: exceeded maximum idle time, pelase connect again" etc., Why would it say connection idle issue, if it opens a new session on each connection? My sql queries are not very huge and in the bad case, it takes maximum of 20mins to complete.

  2. How can I check the value of :sql_last_start variable ? I see only one value in /.logstash_jdbc_last_run file. As my scheduling is different for each sql, this value should also be different for each.

  3. I have also noticed that logstash is running its own sql, in addition, to fetch the count of rows, the configured sql will return. Is this expected behaviour?

Please help!