Logstash JDBC input using wrong timezone

Hi all,

At the client we have a setup lets say elk_server_DEV (elk version 7.16.2), here we have a logstash config that uses the jdbc input plugin.
We noticed that the lastValues are always in UTC, so one hour of for what we need (CET). I configured the jdbc_default_timezone => "CET" and this resolves the problem.
However in production (version 6.8) we do not set this value to CET and yet we have it in last values correctly, not wrapped by ruby but as followed here:

--- 2022-02-18 16:04:20.140607000 +01:00.

In dev we have this

--- !ruby/object:DateTime '2022-02-18 13:47:50.530464000 Z'

On all servers the timezone is CET, this is also the case for the DB2 instances where it retrieves his data from.

Does anyone know why we keep getting UTC in DEV?
Thanks in advance.

The value returned by set_value depends on the type of the tracker and what methods the value it is being asked to save responds.

Configurations and input data are identical, that's what boggles my mind...

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