Logstash jdbc limited import

Hi. am sending data from MySQL to elasticsearch using logstash. i have 10469 records but only 132 is getting imported. kindly advise.

Hi @Zeyni_Adan.

run your mysql query within mysql side check how many records you are getting ?
i think issue with you query data

Note :- there is no limitation while importing data from mysql to ES index.(if you not added limit from mysql query).


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Thanks for your reply @rameshkr1994

in mysql side if i query i get all data

below is my configuration

Hi @Zeyni_Adan.

you are using tracking column with logstash ?
please try to remove that two fields from logstash config file .
due this tracking column your meta data file for logstash is not importing all data.

Please check and revert ?


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