Logstash jdbc_static types doesn't work (longtext, tinyint...)


I would like to know if there is some place where I can find some information about the accepted types for jdbc_static ?
From what I see on websites only "varchar" seems accepted, but I have some longtext, tinyint data to integrate and it's not working.

local_db_objects => [
         name => "local_users"
         index_columns => ["id"]
         columns => [
           ["id", "INTEGER"],
           ["first_name", "varchar(255)"],
           ["last_name", "varchar(255)"],
           ["email", "varchar(255)"],
           ["champ1", "longtext"], -> not working
           ["champ2", "tinyint(1)"] -> also not working

What can I do for these types ?


The filter documentation says they are Derby types. They are the types used for the in-memory Derby DB used to cache data, not the types in the source DB.

Great ! thank you so much, I missed this precious information.
That's perfect for me.

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