Logstash Jenkins plugin - Do I need to set logstashSend failBuild to false to avoid failing entire build?

Hi everyone,

I have this line in a shared library that's used by Jenkins.

logstashSend failBuild: true, maxLines: 1000

My current understanding is this will fail the build if ELK crashes or this line doesn't work. Please let me know if wrong there.

My question is if I want the job to continue normally whether or not logstashSend fails or not, do I just need to send this to false? Will setting this to false cause other issues or do I need to do something more involved like throwing this into a try block?

Here is my current section of code:

post('Post-build steps') {
always {
script {
currentBuild.result = currentBuild.result == null ? "SUCCESS" : currentBuild.result
logstashSend failBuild: true, maxLines: 1000

That's not really a logstash question. It's a Jenkins question. But I think the answer is yes, if you set it to false then the build will not be failed just because logstashSend fails.

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