Logstash jruby behavior on windows

I have two identical Windows 2012 R2 boxes that I am seeing different behavior on when I try to run Logstash 2.3.2.

Both have JRE 1.8.0_73 with JAVA_HOME set.

On one box, when I run logstash I get a java.exe process running with all of the JAVA_OPTS that get set through the setup.bat. There is also a Windows JRuby Launcher (32bit) process that starts that shows the jruby process that logstash.bat executes (i.e. jruby environment.vb runner.vb agent --config logstash.conf").

On the other box I only get the latter jruby process. There is no java.exe with all the java options. Specifically I am needing to set the LS_HEAP_SIZE.

In both cases Logstash appears to function properly.

Any ideas why i'm not getting that other java.exe process with the java options?

Here are screenshots of what i'm referring to. In the first one I only have a jruby process. In the second the jruby process is spinning up a java.exe with the java options. In both cases I am running a freshly downloaded logstash 2.3.2 from the command line.


Figured it out. On the one where Java.exe was not starting, JAVA_HOME was pointing to the 32 bit java (Program Files (x86)) and not 64 bit (Program Files).