Logstash JSON field from syslog to flat fields?

I have a vendor appliance that sends syslog events in JSON format. I am able to receive the message, parse the syslog header with grok and obtain the JSON data in a field from the message portion. The JSON field looks something like this (in rubydebug format):

"data" => {
     "msg" => "abc",
     "version" => "1.0.0"
     "event" => {
          "class" => "warn",
          "label => "SD3"
          "src" => {
               "ip" => "",
               "port" => 52901

It is actually way more complex than this and I don't wish to keep all the data. I try to use mutate to add a new field for the data I want to keep and that matches the format from other sources.

filter {
   grok {
      match => { "message" => "^\<%{NUMBER:sl_pri}\>%{SYSLOGTIMESTAMP:sl_time {SYSLOGHOST:sl_host} %{SYSLOGPROG}: %{GREEDYDATA:sl_msg}" }
   json {
      source => "sl_msg"
      target => "data"
   mutate {
      add_field => { "src_ip" => "%{data.event.src.ip}" }

However, with this filter, the logstash output contains the field:

"src_ip" => "%{data.event.src.ip}"

...instead of...

"src_ip" => ""

Any clues why I'm not able to reference the JSON field values?

I am not sure but I think you need to do %{[data][event][src][ip]} atleast those examples I came across...

Works! Thank you very much.

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