Logstash Json Parse Error

Hi Team,
I'm trying to get NSG Flow logs through Azure Blob Storage
plugin version:
logstash-input-azureblob (0.9.13).
logstash-codec-json (3.0.5)

I am trying to save my Logstash output in JSON format. But it is showing me the below-given error. The input data is in json fromat not json_lines.

[2021-03-12T06:27:49,577][ERROR][logstash.codecs.json     ][main][9ba2dd508408b2f59225268f9eed2aeff35794ae8ddad2e057333d07f46836d1] JSON parse error, original data now in message field {​:error=>#<LogStash::Json::ParserError: incompatible json object type=java.lang.String , only hash map or arrays are supported>, :data=>"\"time\":\"2021-03-12T06:26:43.1352426Z\",\"systemId\":\"66539bf1-15c7-4aaa-9f3c-f2e7840a8784\",\"macAddress\":\"000D3A0A6B1F\",\"category\":\"NetworkSecurityGroupFlowEvent\",\"resourceId\":\"/SUBSCRIPTIONS/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/RESOURCEGROUPS/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/PROVIDERS/MICROSOFT.NETWORK/NETWORKSECURITYGROUPS/ELKSTACK-ELASTICSEARCH-NSG\",\"operationName\":\"NetworkSecurityGroupFlowEvents\",\"properties\":{​\"Version\":2,\"flows\":[{​\"rule\":\"DefaultRule_AllowInternetOu

Please help me to sort out this.

Please guide. Thank you in advance.

I believe that is saying that the JSON does not start with {

Thanks for your reply..
Here it is a single json. It is not in the line by line fromat..and I'm not getting the output while using that..