Logstash json parse error

Last time I'm receiving a log of logstash json parse errors,
from the error logs I cannot read anything about to what files it is about to,

[ WARN ] 2021-12-12 13:28:20.845 [[main]>worker6] json - Error parsing json {:source=>"message", :raw=>"2021-12-12 13:28:16.585 +00:00 [Information] [ThreadId: 61]Trace Identifier:8000a85c-0002-f100-b63f-84710c7967bb [Serilog.AspNetCore.RequestLoggingMiddleware] Handled \"HTTPS\" \"GET\" \"/touchless-notifier/healthz\" responded 200 in 1.4385 \"HTTPS\" ms", :exception=>#<LogStash::Json::ParserError: Unexpected character ('-' (code 45)): Expected space separating root-level values

Can You please help me to identify source of those logs ?

Your pipeline likely has an input plugin configured with codec => json or similar that is handling non-JSON data.

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