Logstash json_parse_exception

"error"=>{"type"=>"mapper_parsing_exception", "reason"=>"failed to parse [offset]", "caused_by"=>{"type"=>"json_parse_exception", "reason"=>"Numeric value (2599608067) out of range of int\n at [Source: org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.BytesReference$MarkSupportingStreamInputWrapper@130bd21; line: 1, column: 21]"}}

there are so many warn log in /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log file.

and I have tried to find the number 2599608067(or others in the log..) in my source file, but cann't find it.

please help me and tell me where is wrong !


Elasticsearch is complaining about 2599608067 being too big for the integer datatype of the offset field. Make sure that field has the long type. You may need to adjust your index template for this.

The offset value is most likely the position in the log file that was read. If you don't need that perhaps you should just delete that field?

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thank you very much

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