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Hi ,

Can someone suggest the step to achieve the below requirement.

  1. Logstash collect the logs from apache, application server and pushing to kafka
  2. kafka accepting the logs from logstash as input stream and forward it to other logstash server ?

Please share the configuration for both producer , consumer and how we can check at kafka server that logs are coming from source logstash ?


For Logstash read below


For Kafka



Thanks Vishal for the reply

So basically, you wanted to accomplish this flow

application server => logstash (producer) => kafka server => logstash (consumer)

Here's the config for kafka as producer. It will output to kafka server

kafka {
topic_id => "topicname"

While this one gets the data from kafka server

input {
kafka {
topics => ["topicname"]

You can view incoming datas in the kafka server using elasticsearch as output of your consumer.

Thanks Archelle for the reply.

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