Hi There,

Am trying to split the fileds and values of this field

winlog.event_data.RuleName: technique_id=T1036,technique_name=Masquerading

in two other separate fields where I can have technique id separately and technique name separately

filter {
if "winlogbeat" in [tags] and [log_name] == "Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/Operational" {
kv { source => "[winlog][event_data][RuleName]" target => "[winlog][event_data][RuleName]" field_split => "," }

Could you please tell me what error am I making , I could'nt split these

any help please ?

Hi Raj,

There a couple of things you need to change in your filter syntax to achieve the results you are looking for, try replacing your filter with this following one:

filter {
if ([winlog][channel] == "Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/Operational") {
    if ([winlog][event_data][RuleName]) {
        kv {
            source => "[winlog][event_data][RuleName]"
            field_split => ","
            value_split => "="
            prefix => "mitre_"
            transform_key => "lowercase"

I have tested the filter above and it works, you will get the new fields with the information from the RuleName field. Feel feel to share any questions or thoughts.

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