Logstash leaving temporary jar files in Windows\Temp

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I visited a client last week who were running Logstash 6.2.2 on Windows, having installed it as a service using NSSM. They'd run out of disk space on their main (C:) drive, which we eventually tracked down to the Windows\Temp directory taking up lots of space. When we looked into the content in the directory, we found dozens of folders containing downloaded Logstash jar files, which we cleared out to free up space.

It appears that every time the Logstash service is restarted on Windows, it downloads a number of jar files, which are left in the temp directory. Is this expected, and is there a suggested way of managing this? The client had some kind of outage early in the morning which resulted in Logstash restarting many times, ultimately filling their disk. Thankfully it wasn't a production machine, but it would be good to know if there is a "best" approach to avoiding this situation.


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