Logstash listening on tcp6 only

I upgraded my stack to 5.3.0. I noticed that for all my inputs, logstash is only listening on tcp6 and not tcp4.

For instance my input for beats is:

and when logstash starts here are my listening ports:

So I disabled IP6 on my server and rebooted. Now I have logstash listening on 5044 via IP4:

However I cannot telnet into the logstash server via port 5044 and nmap reports the following opening ports:

There is no firewall setup

Are you just reporting this so other people are aware or are you needing confirmation that IP6 is what it now uses in ES 5.3?

I'm reporting because logstash states it's listening on port 5044, but the port is not open, which I'm sure would be an issue to a lot of people with the same problem.

All of my filebeat agents cannot connect to my logstash server anymore due to port not being open, even though Logstash and netstat claims it is.

I moved from version 5 which had no issues, to 5.3.0.

I have no issues with Logstash 5.3 with IPV6. I check Logstash 5.0 and it is also using IPV6 only. It also works with no problem.

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