Logstash.log gets flooded?

(Mathias Adler) #1

Hi All,
Can't understand why logstash suddenly writes all input to logstash.log?
Is that some new feature in logstash 1.5?

My output config look like this:
output {
elasticsearch {
host => "X.X.X.X"
port => "9200"
protocol => "http"
cluster => "elastic-XXX-cluster"

I haven't seen this behavior before?
Any idea how to turn this off?


(Mark Walkom) #2

Get rid of that!

(Mathias Adler) #3

That one is of course comment out already (got lost in formatting).


(Mathias Adler) #4

Ah, got hit by the following issue, that's what's filling my logs:
elasticsearch output - failed with response of 400


(system) #5