Logstash log output config and location

Continuing the discussion from `service logstash start` doesn't work:

I can't find where logstash writes its own logs. I created /var/log/logstash with temporary 0777 permissions, and restarted logstash. Nothing is written there. This is on a FreeBSD 10.x amd64 machine, if that changes anything.


By default, logstash writes to console.
But you can write logs to a file using : bin/logstash -l /path/to/file.log ...

Ah of course, I hadn't thought of that (since I'm used to logs, by default, being written to log files). I found the relevant info in the daemon run command file: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/logstash

In there I found I could set logstash_log="YES" in /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.conf.d/logstash and then after a daemon restart, the log file /var/log/logstash.conf appears as expected.

Anyway, thank you. Problem solved.

Nice :slight_smile: