Logstash - match filename

I have two servers. The first one hosts elastic stack. Both servers have a file /var/log/commands.log which is configured in the same way and are being shipped with filebeat to logstash.

Using grok, I tried parsing the data into custom fields using this statement:

if [log][file][path] == "/var/log/commands.log" {
match => { "message" => "*some grok stuff*"

Problem is, even though on both servers the file is /var/log/commands.log & they're configured the same - it skips the if statement as if it's false.
I've noticed that if I ship the logs locally (without filebeat - just do input{file{input => "/var/log/commands.log}} ) it works for the local "/var/log/commands.log" file on that machine that hosts logstash.

For reference, this is the full .conf file for logstash: https://pastebin.com/1QbnAG7G
This is how elastic sees the file path: https://i.imgur.com/5h9HXf2.png

Does anyone why it skips the "if" statement? How to make it filter by name. Thanks ahead!


In your shared conf, it seems that you use the regexp comparison operator =~ instead of ==.
So logstash thinks that "/var/log/commands.log" is a regex pattern

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