Logstash maximum input

we are having logstash instance that curretnly have 6 jdbc input and this may exceed in the future (may be new 2 inputs per month)...Does logstash have maximum input? or if we exceeded number of inputs we will have slow down on fetching data or does it executes all inputs parallel?

There is no hard maximum on number of inputs, and all inputs for a pipeline will run with some level of parallelism. The limiting factor tends to be the volume of events that are emitted from the inputs, although there is some overhead in running many inputs side-by-side even if they aren't generating high volume.

  • What design is forcing you to add two new inputs per month?
  • Is the shape of data they produce similar (or identical)?
  • Is data expected to flow from the "old" input at the same rate as the "new" inputs?
  • Are the "old" inputs as important as the "new" ones (e.g., can they be placed on schedules that are less frequent)?

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