Logstash maximum log rate

(Vikran) #1

Hi team,

I am looking at what is maximum log rate logstash can ingest logs at i have got scenario where log rate will be
10k to 20k /sec has anyone got documented maximum log rate supported ?


(Mark Walkom) #2

We've seen about 10K EPS without filters, ie straight in and straight out.

You should really check based on your own data though.

(Vikran) #3

10 k without filter with multiple filter this should drop drastically. Any way this can be scaled up ?
In this case looks like logstash would be bottleneck .

(Mark Walkom) #4

More LS instances with a broker.

(Vikran) #5

Thought so as i was posting , got broker splitting LS for different log type can do might have to spin multiple LS to get job done.

(system) #6