Logstash memcached not returning value

Hi, New to memcached and am using is as a filter in logstash as follows;
memcached {
hosts => ["${memcacheserver}"]
namespace => "code_concept"
get => {
"%{rsnstcode}" => "[mm_rsnstcode]"
"%{stsexpected}" => "[mm_stsexpected]"
"%{pbmtycode}" => "[mm_pbmtycode]"
"%{pmstycode}" => "[mm_pmstycode]"
"%{statuscode}" => "[mm_statuscode]"
"%{pondtcode}" => "[mm_pondtcode]"

The problem is that if 2 of the variables have the same value e.g. pbmtycode and pmstycode have the same value (e.g. CC_PRBCOMPLI) then the second returns a value of N/A rather than the value associated with the key - such as ....

[2020-07-17T11:30:00,945][INFO ][logstash.filters.ruby ][condition_pipeline] pbmtycode: {"value"=>"CC_PRBCOMPLI"}
[2020-07-17T11:30:00,945][INFO ][logstash.filters.ruby ][condition_pipeline] mm_pbmtycode: {"value"=>"Complications"}
[2020-07-17T11:30:00,945][INFO ][logstash.filters.ruby ][condition_pipeline] pmstycode: {"value"=>"CC_PRBCOMPLI"}
[2020-07-17T11:30:00,945][INFO ][logstash.filters.ruby ][condition_pipeline] mm_pmstycode: {"value"=>"N/A"}

Why is this occuring and is there any setting so that if I ask for the same key twice I get the correct value each time? Thanks

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