Logstash Metrics Filter Error "can't convert nil into String"

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I am trying to measures events per minute consumed by logstash.
In Filebeats, I have a customer field called fwder which is value of filebeat.
So to count the messages per minute, I am counting the occurrence of filebeat in the messages.

Logstash Configuration (truncated to important parts):

filter {
   if "filebeat" in [fwder] {
    metrics {
             meter => ["filebeat"]
             add_tag => ["grid-sre-metric"]
             flush_interval => 12   # flush metrics every 1m (each interval is 5 secs)

Logstash Output:

if "grid-sre-metric" in [tags] {
                    exec {
                         command => {{command_to_execute}}

Logstash Error Logs:

TypeError: can't convert nil into String
       include? at org/jruby/RubyString.java:4462
    output_func at (eval):1378

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