Logstash Metrics Shipper


I have a quick question. I have three remote machines (Windows ) with filebeats installed, and these three are connected to another remote machine ( Windows ) with logstash.

Now all these remote machines are in isolated network in a data center and elasticsearch is in public cloud. I can able to ping logstash server and port from the elasticsearch server, but unable to see logstash metrics.

Does the remote machine which are in a isolated network should allow logstash to ship/send packets of data to ES or is there any way that we can do a workaround ?


By default (and for good reason), the Logstash API is only bound to, the local loopback interface; it can be configured to bind to a different IP with http.host directive in the logstash.yml.

The API provides neither authentication nor authorization, and can be used to manipulate Logstash's running configuration, so if you bind to a different interface, it is important to ensure that no unauthorised third-party can make a connection to it (e.g., that interface being part of a VPN or other network isolation strategy).

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