Logstash Metrics Using Dots - problems with ES 2.x?


just going through all the potential problems with my upgrade to latest elk stack versions (logstash 2.x / elasticsearch 2.x / kibana 4.x)

received a number of warnings about dots in field names:

Dots in field names lead to ambiguous field resolution, in fields: logs:http_%{response}.count, logs:http_%{response}.rate_15m, logs:http_%{response}.rate_1m, logs:http_%{response}.rate_5m, logs:http_200.count, logs:http_200.rate_15m, logs:http_200.rate_1m, logs:http_200.rate_5m,

with the following reason - elasticsearch 2.x changes for field names:


Noticed this was coming from my use of metrics for http_%{response} codes in my log filters. This is what I have in my cfg:

            metrics {
                    meter => [ "http_%{response}" ]
                    add_tag => "metric"
                    flush_interval => "60"

Seems for each metric logstash puts out .rate1m .rate5m & .rate15m etc. but the latest documentation says it should be outputting with underscores:


I'd assume that should cover it, but that doesn't appear to be the case when im using 'metrics' and dots are still all over the shop.

running latest logstash 2.1.0 & ES 2.1.0