Logstash metrics using modules in Metricbeat

Hi Team

There are 2 modules in Metricbeat to collect Logstash metrics

  • logstash
  • logstash-xpack

Which module should be used ?



logstash module: This is the basic module for collecting metrics from Logstash. If you're not using X-Pack features or you're using the open source version of Logstash, this is the module you should use.

logstash-xpack module: This module is specifically designed for collecting metrics from Logstash when it's running with X-Pack.


Thanks @yago82 , I enabled default logstash module, configured metricbeat to send output to elasticsearch cluster. I am able to see metrics with metricset.name : "node" but there are no metrics for metricset.name : "node_stats", though both metric-stats are enabled. Any idea about this ?


your config is something like this?


  • module: logstash
    metricsets: ["node", "node_stats"]
    enabled: true
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["localhost:9600"]

yes, similar config.
what I observed is, if I stop logstash service, then I am able to see metrics for node_stats as well. Is this something related to log level ?

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