Logstash Monitoring metrics receiver

I have a very complex environment spanning 8 different data centers and lots of fire walls

It appears the xpack.monitoring only has a HTTP output option ( I need to use Kafka) to stay with the current architecture and avoid troubling shooting firewalls for the next 2 weeks

So I was wondering if I can have the xpack.monitoring.url be another logstash http input on localhost so I could continue to use kafka

Right now my architecture is:

logstash output -> kafka > logstash indexer -> elasticsearch

I was wondering if we could shoe-horn the metrics in to this data flow.

|-xpack.monitoring.url = localhost:92XX
|- lostash input http listen on localhost:92xx
|- ----------------------(filter???)
|-logstash output kafka
| Logstash read topic and write to .monitor-logstash

Any idea's or is it just as simple as put up a http listener and writing it to the write index?

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