Logstash multi pipeline optimal configuration


I am currently running Logstash 7.9.2, on a production node, with Logstash being the only one of the stack installed there. My node has 8 cores. I am running a multiple pipeline configuration, with some pipelines being more demanding in terms of processing events and the amount of events they handle.

I have a few questions on the topic:

  1. Should I configure specific pipeline.workers and pipeline.batch.size to each one in the pipelines.yml file or just specify a number of workers and batch size in the logstash.yml file? I am pretty sure the first option is the right one, but any more help would be appreciated
  2. Is there a rule regarding to how many workers should be assigned to a pipeline, based on the events/second? Because I could not find anything....:frowning:
  3. If I do not specify a worker and batch size on some pipelines, will the get the default values I have specified in the logstash.yml, or will that setting override my configuration in the pipelines.yml file?

Thanks in advance,

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