Logstash multiple pipelines issue


Hi guys,
I have a strange issue with Logstash 5.6.9 and multiple pipelines

I have two pipelines that send messages to two different elastic servers, with different IP and subnet

Yesterday one of this server gone offline, but logstash did not send events also to second elastic server

I don't understand, are pipelines separated in output?

Thanks in advance,

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Please provide details about your configuration. What does pipelines.yml look like, what's in the configuration files, etc?


Hi @magnusbaeck,
this is my pipelines.yml

  • pipeline.id: filebeat
    path.config: "C:/Software/LOGSTASH/conf/filebeat.conf"
  • pipeline.id: dmz
    path.config: "C:/Software/LOGSTASH/conf/winlogbeat.conf"

Configuration files simply have two output:

elasticsearch {
hosts => "host1.domain1.local:9200"
index => "filebeat-%{+YYYY.MM.DD}"

and the second

elasticsearch {
hosts => "host2.domain2.local:9200"
index => "winlogbeat-%{+YYYY.MM.DD}"


Any ideas guys?

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