Logstash Nested JSON Parsing and Transforming data

How would I using the json filter to split the following json document and target / modify the time stamp (event.ts) ?

{"peer":"EC2LEBOQ77XSF46QEKYYYNKBTVATU33K","agent_name":"test-device","event":{"ts":1637034155000,"t":5,"src":"resilio_share","e":"Downloaded randfile16113","data":{"hash":"E012015B6E31A7077BEE076A3ECB895604F9B73F","name":"randfile16113","path":"randfile16113","size":1048576,"state":"Downloaded"},"id":26179,"jobRunId":11}}

      source => "message"

This is as far as I get, as I cannot transform the split json elements

What do you mean by split? It is not clear what you are trying to do, can you give more details?

It sounds like you want

date { match => [ "[event][ts]", "UNIX_MS" ] }

which will set the @timestamp field of the event.

logstash does not use the . notation of Elasticsearch and kibana to reference fields inside of fields. It has its own (less ambiguous) notation using [ and ]

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