Logstash not picking up all log data

Hi all,

I am using logstash-1.5.3 since more than a year now. today i have noticed one of the issue, that logstash is not picking up all log data from log file.

Logs are generating at 1000/min rate.

Any idea.

I know upgrade is one of the solution for this. but still want to know any workaround.

Unless you can provide some kind of clues as to what messages are disappearing (if there's any pattern, for example) it's more or less impossible to help. How have you noticed that things are missing? What does your configuration look like?

1.5.3 is quite old and eventually you'll have to upgrade, so why postpone it? There are few backwards incompatible changes between 1.5.3 and 5.6 so an upgrade shouldn't be much work.

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