LogStash not sending data to ElasticSearch

input { 
    path => "C:/elastic_stack/*.csv"
    start_position => "beginning"
    sincedb_path => "null"
    filter {
    csv { separator => ","
    columns => ["name","mfr","type","calories","protein","fat","sodium","fiber","carbo","sugars","potass","vitamins","shelf","weight","cups","rating"]
    output {
    { hosts => "http://localhost:9200/"
      index => "cereals"
    stdout {}

This is my config file but the data is not sending to elastic search

If you do not want to persist the in-memory sincedb across restarts then on Windows set the path to "NUL", on UNIX set it to "/dev/null". You likely have a file called "null" that you will need to remove.

changed to "null" to "NUL" , im on windows , still the same result

Please post the startup logs from Logstash.

oops was too impatient :frowning:
it works now! thanks
its again stuck after reading some of the data, maybe its just too slow