Logstash-ouput-zabbix - zabbix_sender

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Is there already a solution for the zabbix_sender issue?
When Logstash Node is not the zabbix data/event node zabbix_sender will fail with message from zabbix server/proxy "...rejected all items sent...".
Running (All on RHEL 3.10.0-x kernels):

  • ELS Cluster nodes 6.1.3-1
  • logstash-6.1.3-1 on seperate proxy nodes
    • logstash-output-zabbix (3.0.5)
  • filebeat-6.2.2-1 on event generating scada nodes
  • Dedicaded Zabbix Server 3.4.2-1
  • Dedicaded Zabbix Proxy Nodes 3.4.2-1

Thanks in advance.

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