Logstash - OutOfMemoryError from TCP input


I have a logstash pipeline that uses TCP as input. The pipeline handles around 150k to 200k events per day. I was getting the below errors.

An exception was thrown by org.logstash.tcp.InputLoop$InputHandler$FlushOnCloseListner.operationComplete()
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Logstash version - 7.9.3
TCP plugin - 6.0.6

Workers - 1
Batch Size - 500
Heap size - 512mb

can anyone help me with this?

Is this the only pipeline you have in your instance?

You have a large batch size for a small heap size, the default batch size is 125, increasing the batch size also increases the memory overhead.

You should decrease your batch size or increase your heap size.

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