Logstash output to FTP


We have a use case, where our admins would like to receive Logstash's json output files directly to their FTP using non-standard ftp port.
I tried using file output plugin with below path, but it fails.


Connecting normally via browser, works.
The error:

[ERROR] 2019-05-31 10:12:02.977 [[main]>worker9] WorkerLoop - Exception in pipelineworker, the pipeline stopped processing new events, please check your filter configuration and restart Logstash.
org.jruby.exceptions.SystemCallError: (ENOTDIR) Not a directory - ftp:

Any idea how to tackle this topic? Thanks!

Probably it is not possible with the file output to accomplish that. If you would like to do that, you could use the NFS. Mount the external partition locally and save the file there. Or just use RSYNC or other tool to synchronize the data between servers.

Another options would be:

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