Logstash output to Prometheus

Could you please confirm whether we can send output of Logstash to Prometheus

Really depends on your setup and use case.. for example are you going to have an Prometheus endpoint to collect data ...

or do you want to scrape the data from Logstash / Elasticsearch

Scraping the data from Logstash/ Elasticsearch endpoint in Prometheus Time series format will be ideal.
I understand the above documentation will output to http end point from logstash in json format. But what I am looking for is Prometheus time series format.
Can we scrape from elastisearch endpoint too? If yes, could you please let me know how?

Hi @Stephy_Jacob

It's unclear to me what you're trying to accomplish.

What are you trying to actually monitor? What source are you collecting metrics for ? What is the destination for those metrics?

Example For Elasticsearch? There is a Prometheus exporter for that

GitHub - prometheus-community/elasticsearch_exporter: Elasticsearch stats exporter for Prometheus.

Logstash does not have the ability to ship data preformatted in Prometheus format...

Is it possible somehow to do all formatting inside logstash.. I am not sure how to code it to do that...

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